Corporate Social Investment

Unlocking South Africa's potential.

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Corporate Social Investment

Unlocking South Africa's potential.

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Corporate Social Investment

Unlocking South Africa's potential.

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Corporate Social Investment

Unlocking South Africa's potential.

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Staff volunteering programmes

At Momentum Metropolitan we take pride in having employees who are driven and care about the betterment of others. We understand that volunteering is about giving, contributing, and helping other individuals and the communities where we operate or where we come from as employees. Volunteering means working with others to make a meaningful contribution to better communities, that is why we’ve formed collaborations with our partners and other organisation who focus on youth empowerment.

Giving back through volunteering

At Momentum Metropolitan, we have 12 000 employees and we’d like to encourage all employees to volunteer by participating in organised staff volunteering programmes by the CSI department or in their spare time. We plan to have an increase of 20% target for staff volunteer participation in our programmes for the forgood platform.

Lesedi Awards

At Momentum Metropolitan, we believe we learn while we serve. We recognise our employees and what is important to them and support them as individuals who care for and are concerned about the well-being of their communities. The Lesedi Awards are our proof point that we are geared to purposeful volunteer work, which supports people to reach their goals and life aspirations, notwithstanding the challenges they may face. Every year, nominees for these awards demonstrate their commitment to work that speaks to the needs of people. There are eight categories within which nominees are evaluated on the extent to which they give life to the Momentum Metropolitan values of teamwork, integrity, diversity, accountability, and innovation, as well as its impact and sustainability.

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How our employees can get involved:

  • Skills-based volunteering on forgood platform.
  • Virtual volunteering.
  • Payroll donation.
  • Group wide CSI events.
  • Match funding – Personal volunteering outside company time.
  • Recognition programme – Lesedi Awards

Doing good with Forgood

Volunteering offers vital help to people in need and worthwhile causes. The right match can help staff connect with the community, learn new skills, and even advance their career. That is why we have partnered with the forgood platform to assist us to grow skills-based volunteering within the group.

Mandela Day

We celebrate Nelson Mandela and his selfless commitment to giving back and helping those in need. Our Mandela month initiatives continue to give us the platforms to collaborate with our partners and communities, ensuring that we achieve success together.

Virtual volunteering

We have introduced the virtual volunteering on the forgood online platform. It provides us with the opportunity to continue to connect the NPO’s to our employees who are passionate about volunteerism, to use their time and talents to help others, even when they cannot be there in person.

Register on and then log into your profile using your email address and the password which you created, you can start virtual volunteering by doing the following:

  • Donate goods.
  • Donate money.
  • Volunteer your time.
  • Partake in organised CSI events.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving has already been a widely recognised concept in the country since 2014 and it’s a very creative way of raising funds for charities. Most organisations have implemented this initiative for those employees who are not able to do physical volunteering for various reasons but still want to give back to the less fortunate.

We’ve seen the contributions growing for the past 4 years from R25 000 per annum to R260 000 in 2020. The benefits of contributing to charities are overwhelming. An innovative new concept was included in this campaign where participants in Payroll Giving will stand the chance to win the Most Consistent Payroll Giver award from the Lesedi Awards employee recognition programme.

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Our response to employee volunteering

We have made provision to support these admirable efforts made by employees who volunteer their skills or time. By matching time spent onsite or virtual volunteering at a registered non-profit organisation over a one-year period, with capped funding for that year. We donate funds to the causes that you have volunteered four hours or more to the value of R5 000. They can volunteer as individuals or a team.

Staff volunteering programmes

R260 000

Donated from payroll giving


Virtual volunteering campaigns

3 876

Hours volunteered

21 596 981

Beneficiaries reached through online volunteer platform


Volunteers support community development


Non-profits supported across all initiatives

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